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Revolution for Dog Supplies

Revolution Flea & Heartworm Control for Dogs

Revolution is an effective flea, and mite treatment for dogs. The topical solution not only kills ticks but also prevents sarcoptic mange. It protects the pet against diseases caused by various internal and external parasites. Moreover, it also prevents heartworm infection in dogs. The waterproof and odorless spot-on treatment is easy to apply. It kills heartworm larvae found in puppies, dogs, breeding and lactating female dogs and prevents heartworm disease.

It is safe to use for puppies, adult dogs, breeding dogs and nursing female dogs.

How it works?

A Zoetis product - Revolution for Dogs is a monthly topical solution that eliminates heartworm larvae, fleas, ticks, sarcoptic mange and ear mites. Made with Selamectin as the active ingredient, the spot-on controls various diseases caused by different types of parasites. It is potent in destroying immature life stages of heartworms and fleas. The fragrance free and waterproof treatment remains active even after the pet gets wet. When used year round, it helps to provide complete protection to the pet from parasite borne diseases.

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4.8/5 Based on 5 Review(s)
eliza value for money

This treatment is the perfect one for my dog, Marlo

harriet effective flea control

This treatment is highly effective!

martha revolutionary

Revolution is working completely fine on my pooch.

Ron No fleas - no mites

Happy for Caty. she is free from fleas and no more mites also. would recommend this.

Feder recommend this

Works on multiple parasites and it just goes well on my two boxers. No side effects and no itchiness.